Nuance BrowserHome - FREE! Premium Status
We are host of the service Nuance BrowserHome.

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As its host, we're able to offer our active Customers and Resellers free Premium Status for their BrowserHome accounts.

This is optional of course. In case you're interested in using Nuance BrowserHome, just get in touch with us and tell us your account ID. As long as you're an using our products as a Customer or Reseller, we'd be glad to keep your BrowserHome Premium Status active.

But even without Premium Status, you can use most of its features - only those features that could be used for illegal purposes are bound to having Premium Status, such as realtime server monitoring in order to monitor servers you don't actually own.
Your benefits
- Have all links you need in ONE place
- Log into your accounts with just ONE click
- Have Multi-Links display several links at the same time
- Display stock market prices
- Dynamically extract information from other websites
- Lookup DNS/IP information
- Monitor uptime status of servers and services
- Show the amount of new/unread messages in your Mailbox
- Use several Schedulers
- Write and save memos to your BrowserHome Note Pad and access them from everywhere
- ... and much more ...
SSL - because Data Encryption is crucial
Since BrowserHome could be and is being used to store login data to other websites - such as passwords and pins - data protection is absolutely crucial. In order for you to be secure and not having to fear that someone else could find out your passwords, BrowserHome can and should always be used via SSL.

For this purpose, we're using a Shared SSL Certificate on BrowserHome, because of which some browsers may display an error message you can just ignore and click away without worry:

Data Encryption is ALWAYS active with https://

You may for example add our BrowserHome domains as SSL exceptions to your browser, ie. in case of Mozilla Firefox.